This matchmaking app lets you play cupid for your Facebook friends, whether they like it or not

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Ever wanted to insert yourself into the love lives of your Facebook friends?

There’s a new app that will let you do just thatMatchmaker, which launches today, is the newest product from Hinge. It’s designed to let you pair up your friends who are already on the dating app. This is both a great tool for nosy helpful friends everywhere and a dystopian nightmare scenario for those who really want to keep their private life, well, private.

Matchmaker, which is now available in beta for iOS, is a completely standalone app, and you don’t need to be a Hinge user to sign on. Once you’ve set it up, it lets you see your Facebook friends that are currently looking for love on Hinge. Eek. Read more…

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Activists say ethnic cleansing in Myanmar is being erased from Facebook

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Facebook has often been under fire for deleting contentious content from the platform.

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This time, for example, the company has been accused of deleting posts from Rohingya activists, in and outside Myanmar (or Burma), who report on the human rights violations and persecutions of Rohingya people in the country. ;

Mohammad Anwar, a Rohingya activist who writes on the site, told Mashable that Facebook has pulled several posts about the latest flare of violence in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state. ; Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg talked baby names with the president of China during Facebook’s charm campaign

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Facebook founder and all-around bossman Mark Zuckerberg was apparently so eager to get Facebook accessible in China, where it has been blocked since 2009, that he tried to chat up Chinese president Xi Jinping on baby names.

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The little tidbit on Zuck’s thirst for global domination comes from a thorough look in the New York Times at how the social media platform is trying to maneuver a world filled with a variety of government regulations and crackdowns.

According to the Times: ;

Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan have two daughters, Maxima and Augusta. And in 2016, Zuck and Chan (who is the daughter of ethnic Chinese refugees who fled Vietnam) posted a video on Zuck’s Facebook page for the Lunar New Year in which the couple spoke in Mandarin and discussed Max’s Chinese name, Chen Mingyu. Read more…

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‘Strangers’ is the sweetest new series on Facebook Watch

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Read more…

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Facebook handed over info on those Russia-linked ads under a search warrant

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There’s more to the $100,000 in ads that Facebook sold to a Russian propaganda company. ;

Special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller obtained a search warrant that forced Facebook to hand over the ads it sold to a company known for pro-Kremlin propaganda, as well as information about them. The Wall Street Journal first reported that Facebook gave up the ads, and CNN later added it was because Mueller obtained a warrant. ;

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Facebook first admitted to the dealings with the pro-Kremlin interest under testimony to Congressional intelligence committees last week. Without a warrant, however, Facebook didn’t have to actually turn over the ads or relevant records to Congress. Read more…

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Blocking hate speech from ads isn’t hard — tech companies just need to care more

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Facebook, Google, and Twitter are facing a lot of difficult questions over their ad policies after it came to light this week that all three companies allowed advertisers to run targeted ads based on hate speech.

Though the circumstances around each case were slightly different, each one was the result of a mostly-automated system that allowed advertisers to buy ads targeted toward people likely to respond to hate speech and other offensive language. ;

And, in each case, the companies claimed that it wasn’t supposed to happen. Yet the fact that media outlets were able to buy ads for these terms so easily, and in such quick succession, highlights how little these companies — who count themselves among the biggest tech giants — were doing to prevent this from happening in the first place. ; Read more…

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Facebook tests ‘Snooze’ feature to temporarily hide annoying friends

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You know that guy in your News Feed who just got a car and won’t stop posting pictures? ;

Facebook finally has a solution for you. It’s testing a “Snooze” button that allows users to temporarily unfollow individuals, pages, and groups for periods of 24 hours, a week, or 30 days. ;

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We can already hear the sighs of relief from around the world as millions of wedding photos, baby videos, and “Happy Birthday” messages disappear from screens. ;

The feature, currently being tested with only a small segment of users, would live in the top-right menu of posts. Users can select “Unfollow or Snooze” where before you could only select “Unfollow.” ; Read more…

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Google let advertisers target people who search for hateful terms like ‘Jewish parasite,’ report says

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Facebook isn’t the only advertising giant enabling ad targeting around hateful terms and phrases.

Google, the world’s biggest advertising company, lets ad buyers target messages around antisemitic and racist search terms like “Jewish parasite” and “Black people ruin everything,” BuzzFeed discovered ;this week.

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The revelations come as Facebook and Google have had to reckon with the role their huge platforms play in spreading misinformation and hate in the wake of a presidential election in which both ran rampant online.

Google and Facebook collectively control around 70 percent of all online ads, and much of the processes that control them are handled by automation. That’s led to numerous headaches for each as they try to strike a balance between reigning in their platforms’ uglier tendencies and stifling the free flow of information. Read more…

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