Italy has a genius plan to fight fake news

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If you’re like me, you’ve seen Facebook friends post links to questionable blogs, people have texted you links to fake stories, and you see fake news articles all over Twitter. ;

Deciphering what’s fake in the digital diaspora is an obvious problem to which immediate solutions haven’t exactly been forthcoming, so schools in Italy have trained their focus on fixing the future. ;

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The Italian government is partnering with Facebook and Google to teach students across 8,000 high schools how to pick out conspiracies and fake information, according to The New York Times. The program will start at the end of October. ; Read more…

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Here’s how the U.S. government could force Facebook and Google to prevent Russian election meddling

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New legislation is officially on the table that could force Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the rest of the internet to do more to combat Russian election meddling.

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Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner, with support from Republican Sen. John McCain, have co-sponsored a bill called the “Honest Ads Act” that would require internet companies to keep a public database of who is paying for political ads on their networks. The bill also requires companies to do a better job at policing their sites and preventing foreign interference like what occurred during the 2016 election. ; Read more…

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Google will testify before Congress with Facebook and Twitter, too

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Google will testify before Congress on Nov. 1, joining Facebook and Twitter representatives to answer questions on Russian interference in the 2016 election. ;

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Representatives from the tech giants will answer Congress’s questions about the 2016 election in a public forum for the first time. The companies have each cooperated with federal investigators privately and held meetings with lawmakers behind closed doors.

Facebook was the first tech giant to publicly agree to testify earlier this month. The decision arrived just as Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Mark Warner held a press conference on Oct. 4 to provide updates on their investigation on Russia’s interference. Twitter agreed shortly thereafter. ; Read more…

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Facebook’s Explore feed is finally rolling out to everyone

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Congratulations, Facebook users! There’s a new Facebook News Feed coming your way. ;

Facebook’s “Explore” feed is now rolling out to all users after months of testing in the mobile app, TechCrunch reported Wednesday. ;

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The tab will show posts from Facebook Pages the user does not follow but may fit their interests. These posts can be articles, photos, and videos. Facebook-owned Instagram has a similar feature in its app, which suggests videos the user might like and Instagram Stories. ;

For Facebook, Explore is another way to keep its two billion users entertained on the site as it competes with Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and the rest of the internet for people’s attention. ; Read more…

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Boss of Facebook’s secretive hardware lab out after 18 months

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Facebook’s secretive Building 8 hardware lab is losing its boss.

Regina Dugan, who left Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group to lead Building 8, announced that she will be leaving the social network at the beginning of 2018 to “focus on building and leading a new endeavor.”

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The former DARPA chief didn’t say what she would be doing post-Facebook, but said the move was a “difficult decision” for her. At Building 8, which she joined in 2016, she lead some of Facebook’s most experimental hardware efforts, including its “brain computer interface project.” Read more…

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WhatsApp’s new feature lets you track your friends in real-time

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WhatsApp will now let you track your friend’s location.

The app is getting a new “live location” sharing feature that allows users to share their location in real-time with the friends they’re chatting with.

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Previously, the app had a location-sharing feature, but it only allowed users to share a static spot on a map. Now, when users opt-in to live location, the friends they’re chatting with can see their exact location updated on a map as they move.

The feature, which you can opt-in to from any chat, allows others to view your exact location for fifteen minutes, an hour, or eight hours at a time. Read more…

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Kerry Washington’s next project could be Facebook’s first big hit

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Facebook just scored a big win in its effort to rule Hollywood. ;

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Kerry Washington, the star of Scandal, is among the executive producers for a new drama series in production for the social networking giant, Variety reported Tuesday. The news comes just a day after Netflix revealed its plan to release around 80 original movies in 2018. ;

The show will be a part of Facebook Watch, the company’s initiative to host original shows (Mashable is a partner). The project formally launched in September. So far, media outlets like Group Nine, Tastemade, and Humans of New York have been debuting weekly episodes. The site’s new video tab for Watch also hosts live videos of sports games and other events. ; Read more…

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Facebook just acquired tbh and its 5 million teen users

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Facebook just scored a huge win its quest to win over teens.

The company has acquired tbh, the anonymous app that’s been going viral with teens. The app, which is targeted toward middle school and high school students, is a network that allows users to swap compliments by participating in anonymous “quizzes.”

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It’s proved to be a winning formula for tbh, which has been in the App Store’s top ten for weeks.

Facebook confirmed the acquisition saying, “tbh and Facebook share a common goal – of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together.” Read more…

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