Starbucks Updates Mobile App to Offer a Personalized Experience

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Starbucks announced the launch of its redesigned mobile application on iOS and Android. The update was designed to offer a personalized experience to the more than 17 million customers “who use the Starbucks app regularly.”

With this update, the app’s homepage will present users with personalized offers, and it will highlight the song currently playing when the app is being used while in a Starbucks store.

In addition, users can now track their Stars (part of Starbucks’ rewards program) on an interactive Stars display. Starbucks recently updated its rewards program, and it now gives users two Stars per $1 spent. In the process, Starbucks raised the number of Stars required to achieve Gold Status and receive free rewards.

Finally, users can now redeem their rewards through the app’s “Mobile Order & Pay” system, which was introduced in September 2015. This feature allows users to place orders and pay for them ahead of time within the app, before picking them up at a Starbucks store.

Starbucks’ news post reads:

The Starbucks app is the center of the company’s digital ecosystem, bringing together loyalty, mobile payment and content partnerships—all seamlessly integrated into one convenient location.

Coming soon, Starbucks Rewards members can expect more personalized features and content through strategic partnerships, as well as the ability to earn Stars outside of Starbucks.

The Starbucks app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Universal Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps coming to Windows 10

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Microsoft’s just scored a trio universal Windows 10 apps.

At its Build 2016 developer conference on Wednesday in San Francisco, Microsoft announced Facebook will be releasing universal apps for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It’s a huge win for Microsoft.

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As a universal app, Facebook only has to build one version for each app and they’ll adapt between Windows 10 devices, be it PC, tablet or smartphone.

Most importantly, these new universal apps should help boost Windows 10 Mobile’s poor app ecosystem.

The current Instagram app for Windows Phone, for example, is decrepit and sorely lacking in the latest features — it still doesn’t have video support. Meanwhile, on iOS and Android, the Instagram app is already moving to longer 60-second videos. Read more…

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Here’s how to turn on post notifications on Instagram

Major changes are coming to Instagram and, naturally, everyone is freaking out.

The company announced earlier this month that it would be switching to an algorithm-based feed, rather than a chronological one. While not totally surprising that the Facebook-owned app would consider such a move, the news has sparked an outcry from many of its devoted users who are upset that their followers may no longer see all of their posts.

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Though switching from a strictly chronological feed to an algorithm-based one is a major change for the app, Instagram doesn’t want users panic about the changes just yet (too late.) The company responded on Twitter Monday to let users know it won’t be making any changes without first letting everyone know when they are rolling out Read more…

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India has the slowest Internet speeds in Asia, but things are changing slowly

Despite having one of the largest number of Internet users in the world, India’s ambitious digital ambitions continue to be hindered by slow Internet connection speeds. India had both the slowest average connection speed and peak connection speed in Asia-Pacific, according to Akamai’s latest State of the Internet Report for the fourth quarter of 2015.

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In comparison to India’s paltry average connection speed of 2.8 Mbps, South Korea had the highest in Asia-Pacific and the world at 26.7 Mbps. India also had the lowest average peak connection speed at 21.2 Mbps, while Singapore retained the top spot at 135 Mbps Read more…

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Facebook is testing a feature that alerts you if someone is impersonating your account

Facebook is working on a new tool to help stem one source of harassment on its platform.

The social network is testing a new feature that will automatically alert you if it detects another user is impersonating your account by using your name and profile photo

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When Facebook detects that another user may be impersonating you, it will send an alert notifying you about the profile. You’ll then be prompted to identify if the profile in question is impersonating you by using your personal information, or if it belongs to someone else who is not impersonating you. Read more…

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Sheryl Sandberg appears in Annie Leibovitz portrait series celebrating strong women

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is part of an expansive project that honors resilient and powerful women for good reason. She’s proved herself to be the epitome of both

The trailblazer is one of many featured in a series of photographs making its U.S. debut by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, whose previous subjects include John Lennon and Queen Elizabeth II. The series, titled “Women: New Portraits,” is a continuation of the iconic “Women” series Leibovitz made with Susan Sontag in 1999, which showcased women from a variety of backgrounds — from coal miners to socialites. It was widely credited with powering discussions surrounding gender roles and equality for women Read more…

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India leads Facebook’s Bug Bounty with highest awards and participation

India has topped the list of 127 countries that have participated in Facebook’s Bug Bounty programme. It has the highest number of participating security researchers at 205 and is also the country with the most paid bounties, which have amounted to Rs 48.4 million so far.

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These numbers were calculated since the launch of Facebook’s Bug Bounty programme in 2011. The programme invites white hat hackers to report security vulnerabilities in Facebook, Instagram, Free Basics, Oculus and Onavo.

In 2015, the company received 13,233 submissions from 5,543 researches in 127 countries. In turn, it paid bounties worth $936,000 to 210 researchers, who had submitted 526 valid reports. The average payout was $1,780, with India, Egypt and Trinidad and Tobago getting the highest number of payouts. Read more…

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Indians and Pakistanis use new Facebook feature to swap cricket team colours before World Cup T20 clash

Numerous Facebook users from India and Pakistan are getting ready for the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup T20 clash on Mar. 19 with a unique gesture of peace. Rather than supporting their respective teams, they are changing their profile picture frame to sport the team colours of the other country.

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Facebook had launched the new feature for the T20 World Cup that lets people change their profile picture frame to support their team. Taking advantage of this, several users have revived the #ProfileforPeace online campaign started last year, with Indian fans putting the Pakistani frame on their pictures, and vice-versa. Read more…

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16 apps that will seriously raise your Instagram game

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Now that Instagram is moving toward a Facebook-like algorithmic feed, creating photos that stand out just became a lot more important. And as great as the app’s built-in filters and editing features are (there are 40 now!) they aren’t nearly as powerful as the ones you can get from third-party apps.

Third-party apps for creating and editing photos and videos usually offer more tools and precision over the look of your posts, which, in turn, can bring in more likes.

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To help your posts stand out (and hopefully gain a bunch of new followers and likes), we’ve cherry-picked our 16 favorite apps that can take your Insta-game to the next level. Most of them are free, too! Read more…

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