Your next Spotify suggestion could come from Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger uses an AI assistant called ‘M’ to suggest Uber rides and remind you to pay a friend back. But M now has a new task — to suggest what music you should listen to on Spotify. ;

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M will step in with the suggestions when you mention related phrases in your conversations. Just type “play music” or “listen to music” or another variety of that. M will catch on and display “Find Music.”

The bot is even smart enough to ask if you want to listen to an artist just with the mention of their name. You don’t even have to type out anything about playing their songs for “Listen to Big Gigantic” prompt to come up. Read more…

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Van Gogh’s iconic ‘Sunflowers’ paintings will be reunited for the first time ever, on Facebook VR

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For years, Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers paintings have been scattered across the world, displayed in museums across Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Munich and Philadelphia. ;

But they’ll get a chance to come together for the first time in history — thanks to Facebook.

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A virtual exhibition which sees all five paintings housed together in one gallery, presented in a 360 video, is already available for viewing on Facebook and through VR.

The 360 video includes a narration by Van Gogh’s great-grand-nephew, Willem Van Gogh. ;

But the real star of the show, however, will be the Facebook Live “relay” with a curator from each museum, delivering a live 15-minute commentary of each work before handing over to the next gallery. That’s set to air on Monday at 12:50 p.m. ET. Read more…

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Here’s how to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook and Twitter

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Autoplay videos can be one of the most frustrating parts of social media feeds.

Facebook and Twitter turn this setting on by default to juice the view numbers for publishers and advertisers. But for users, it can be annoying at the least and, in some cases, downright disturbing—especially around violent news events.

But there is hope. It takes less than a minute to disable this feature on apps and sites alike. We’ve broken down the steps for each platform.



Click the downward carrot icon in the upper righthand corner of the home screen, and select “Settings.” Choose “videos” from the menu on the far left, then switch the setting for “Auto-Play Videos” to “Off.” Read more…

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Facebook quietly bought a startup that can manipulate videos

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Fake news, it’s a big deal on Facebook, and we might just be getting more of it in the form of videos.

Facebook recently bought a startup with an expertise in video manipulation, Deutsche Startups reported. The German-based startup Fayteq has software that is able to remove or add objects in videos, even live ones, and add effects to them. ;

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The company offers “innovative technologies in the area of off-line and real-time video manipulation, removing the border between reality and fiction,” described Siegfried Vater, an investor and partner of Fayteq, according to TechEu. Read more…

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Facebook may have snuck an app into China’s App Store

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Facebook is even more desperate to have a presence in China than we thought.

The social network has been secretly testing a photo sharing app in the country, according to a new report in The New York Times. ;

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The app, reportedly called “Colorful Balloons” is apparently a Chinese version of Facebook’s photo-sharing app, Moments. The app, first released in the U.S. in 2014, allows friends to make group albums to privately share photos from their phone.

Unlike the U.S version, which requires a Facebook account, Colorful Balloons uses WeChat — the messaging app that’s nearly universal in China. Users can also share photos via QR codes, which are extremely common in the country. Read more…

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I’m your most oblivious Facebook friend and life is just so good right now, huh?

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Hey! I’m your Facebook friend from back home or something. You don’t remember how you know me, but you always see me in your feed and, judging by my posts, I am completely unburdened by the world’s problems. ;

My life is just great. You wish you had it this good.

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Why am I like this? So happy-go-lucky? So constantly on Facebook? The simple fact is I am blissfully ignorant of any suffering in the world. My world exists within a one mile radius and that’s the way I like it. I heard through the grapevine that Donald Trump did something vaguely bad, but I have no idea what it was because I don’t watch the news or give a shit at all. ; Read more…

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Sweet doggo rips open a bean bag and couldn’t act more guilty if he tried

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He could have fled the scene of the crime, but he stayed. That has to mean something, right?

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Neil Kempy of Newport, Wales came home to find that his bulldog had ripped open a bean bag chair, spilling styrofoam beads all over the living room floor. Kempy whipped out his phone to record the mess.

He posted the video to his Facebook with the comment: “Look at what this little shit has done I’m gonna kill him.” (He’s not really gonna kill him).

The amusing video was viewed over 10 million times.

In it, the sweet pup dances and wriggles around nervously, not knowing what to do with his guilty self. He makes a very poor attempt at hiding behind the couch. ; Read more…

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Life for Snapchat just went from bad to even worse

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Snapchat has had a bad few months. But its dancing hotdog is doing great, with 1.5 billion views.

“Our dancing hotdog is most likely the world’s first augmented reality superstar,” said Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel in the first five minutes of the company’s earnings call on Thursday.

That’s about the last of the good news. ;

Snap stock plummeted on Thursday after revealing that its past few months did not live up to expectations.

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Snap Inc. missed analysts’ two big estimates: revenue and daily active users. Snap reported $181.7 million this quarter while analysts predicted revenue of $186 million, according to FactSet. ; Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg freaked out, texted ‘Everything is going really badly’ before Facebook’s IPO

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April 2012 was a stressful time for Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder, dealing with Facebook’s difficult IPO, texted his then-fiancée Priscilla Chan in a panic, according to new court testimony. ;

“Everything here is going really badly. Our revenue projection has gone down so much we now think we might go public at less than $50bn if things continue,” Zuckberg texted Chan at the time, the Financial Times reported. ;

“Badly” would be an apt description for Facebook’s May 2012 IPO. The incredibly hyped, biggest-ever-for-2012 tech, $100 billion IPO got off to a rocky start. Trading was delayed, shares fell, and then investors sued. ; Read more…

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