Facebook isn’t alone—moderating the internet is basically impossible

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Where platforms, social technology, and the internet at large are concerned, over its brief history, Facebook’s been the exception to so, so many rules. ;

Except for one.

“There’s no silver bullet for abuse. It’s just a constant area of focus. Unfortunately abuse is human nature,” Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope, explained over coffee back in January, when asked point blank about abuse on the platform. ;

Months later, we now know just how much Facebook has worked to get a handle on abuse, and get it right—and also, just how far they are from that goal. On Sunday, The Guardian published a trove of leaked documents from Facebook detailing the social network’s moderation guidelines. ; Read more…

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Facebook’s been making it up all along and we’re left holding the bag

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On Sunday afternoon we learned about Facebook’s internal content moderation rules from a massive leak by The Guardian. ;It confirmed what a lot of people had long suspected: ;Facebook is making it up as they go along and we’re the collateral damage.

The leaked moderator documents cover how to deal with depictions of things like self-harm and animal cruelty in exceedingly detailed ways. A first read through suggests that the company attempted to create a rule for every conceivable situation, and if they missed one, well they’d write that guideline when it came up. ;It suggests they think that this is just a question of perfecting the rules, when they’ve been off-base from the outset. Read more…

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People are not okay with the leaked Facebook guidelines on sexual, violent content

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On Sunday, The Guardian revealed internal documents from Facebook that uncovered how the social media corporation moderates everything from hate speech to live streams. ;

The guide—which is filled with examples of how to handle sexual content, animal abuse and violent deaths—has pried open the conversation regarding online ethics, and people have begun to hop on Twitter to share their immediate thoughts, many of which aren’t so great for Facebook.

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Folks have expressed their confusion about the subjective rules, and are questioning the logic behind particular parts of the guide. ; Read more…

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Secret Facebook documents reveal how site battles violent content

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Facebook’s closely guarded, secret guidelines for monitoring violence, hate speech, and revenge porn have been revealed for the first time after an investigation by the Guardian. They show the extremely fuzzy and imperfect line between what’s considered dangerous material and acceptable content on the world’s leading social network.

Internal documents obtained by the Guardian explore the murky waters that moderators and executives must wade through on a daily basis as they judge user generated content. A Facebook user who exclaims “Let’s beat up fat kids” gets a pass, but a commenter who urges “Someone shoot Trump” is taken seriously. Read more…

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How to protect yourself when social media is harming your self-esteem

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Social media can help us feel more connected to our friends, even when we’re far away. But, for many of us, the culture of of oversharing and #humblebragging can have a serious impact on our self-esteem.

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With 10 million new photographs uploaded to Facebook every hour, experts say social media is a mine of endless potential for young people to be drawn into appearance-based comparisons. Instagram has been recently ranked worst for young people’s mental health, and causes feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. ; Read more…

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What Snapchat vs Facebook means for the media

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In Snapchat Vs. Facebook, the gloves are off and the competition is heating up. ;

As the fight for advertising revenue intensifies between the two social media giants, the tactics will get dirtier, and the prizes will become bigger. Yet, in the midst of all this, one question remains: what will the fighting mean for journalistic publications that use these platforms to boost their profile across social networking sites?

Facebook on top

As things currently stand, Facebook dominates the dispersal of news, but that’s not to say Snapchat isn’t innovating. In fact, one of the major developments in dissemination of media articles on social media was spearheaded by Snapchat’s story feature that allows publications to provide readers with a form of digital magazine. This was adopted by Facebook-owned Instagram, and the effect on journalism has been revolutionary. ; Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg’s dad filmed his son’s reaction to getting into Harvard

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Waiting to hear back from universities can be an anxious and exciting time for both students and their parents.

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Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg shared a video taken by his father Edward of when he found out he got into Harvard.

In the video above, Edward records a young Mark as he opens the long-awaited email. Mark lets out a very calm “yay” when he discovers he’s been accepted. By contrast, Edward freaks out. ;

Edward is radiating with pride at his son’s accomplishment. The dog, on the other hand, isn’t as impressed. Read more…

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Facebook just brought all your notifications under one roof

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Facebook’s latest tweak goes beyond just the social network itself — instead, the Facebook team is looking to bring its whole family of apps closer together. ;

The new feature, which was first spotted by Tech Crunch, appears to be popping in the Facebook app for select iOS users as a means to streamline their use of the entire FB app family, bundling notifications for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram all in one place. ;

It’s a welcome move for some more social media synergy, allowing users to quickly cycle back and forth through their various profiles on the platforms. You won’t have to open and close the separate apps every time you get pinged with a notification — you can just quickly flip back and forth from your News Feed. Read more…

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Facebook to stream MLB games, continues grabbing live sports rights

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Facebook has played it cool on live sports rights, but it’s quietly amassing a serious lineup.

Facebook has struck a deal with Major League Baseball to stream 20 games live on the social network. They’ll be spaced out one game per week on Friday night, starting this week.

That adds to a growing list of smaller niche sports that Facebook has deals to stream, including Mexican soccer, American soccer, table tennis, and Crossfit. Professional baseball marks its biggest addition yet. ;

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“Baseball games are uniquely engaging community experiences, as the chatter and rituals in the stands are often as meaningful to fans as the action on the diamond,” said Dan Reed, Facebook’s Head of Global Sports Partnerships, in a statement. By distributing a live game per week on Facebook, Major League Baseball can re-imagine this social experience on a national scale. Read more…

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