Facebook Messenger is getting a surprising new Valentine’s Day update

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Ten years ago, the pressure my fellow teens and I felt to make a budding relationship “Facebook Official” was real. But with fewer teenagers than ever using Facebook (in favor of Snapchat), and with us now-twenty-somethings living our lives on Instagram, the stress-inducing relationship status feature has become blissfully irrelevant.

Now, Facebook might be trying to reverse that trend — ;using Valentine’s Day as its weapon.

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On Tuesday, Facebook rolled out new features in Messenger that give significant others special statuses with each other. ; Read more…

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Facebook’s mobile redesign makes reading easier but it’s kind of just really gray

Does your Facebook app look more gray? Well, it’s not just cause it’s a sad day on the internet. ;

Facebook wants people to talk and browse more on mobile—the home for the majority of the company’s billions of dollars in revenue. To that end, it’s pushing out a News Feed redesign that really just makes it all flatter and more gray, the company announced Tuesday.

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The biggest change is in the comments, where each reply is in its own bubble, kind of like Apple’s iMessage. When users react to a post, the reactions (like the “love” reaction) cling to the side of the bubble, just like on iPhones. ; Read more…

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Apple’s iOS 11 will take Facebook and Twitter down a notch

Whether you realized it or not, Facebook and Twitter have long had a special place in the iOS ecosystem. ;

That, dear readers, is about to change. ;

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According to Axios, Apple will do away with the ability to directly sign into the two social media platforms from iOS in the forthcoming iOS 11. ;

End of an era pic.twitter.com/YL9fNt38xA

— Sean Cook (@theSeanCook) June 5, 2017

What does this mean? Currently, iOS apps can access the identities of connected Twitter and Facebook accounts if the user has signed into those accounts via the phone’s Settings’ section. This makes using some other apps a more seamless experience, as users don’t have to manually log into Facebook or Twitter on each and every app that relies upon access to those accounts. ; Read more…

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Snapchat’s constant evolution shows it won’t let itself be crushed by Facebook

Limitless snaps? Looping snaps?! ;

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Snapchat changed the game Tuesday with several new product features that had some diehard users cringing. Snap has shown a willingness to change often and radically, but the most recent changes show that even the most sacred cows can be slaughtered.

Limitless snaps mean you can send a snap for someone to view in your story or in a chat until an indefinite period of time — or well, until they tap away. Looping snaps let you set a snap on a loop, that, again, continues until you tap. The update also introduces emoji drawing (it sounds like what it is), and a “magic eraser” that allows you to make objects disappear from snaps. Read more…

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The line between Instagram and Facebook is getting very, very thin—and here’s why you should care

An algorithmic feed. Live video. A seemingly unquenchable thirst to copy Snapchat. Sound like an app you know? You’d be forgiven for thinking the answer was Facebook, though, it’s not. ;

Instagram’s the app you’re looking for, and it’s been steadily moving closer to Facebook (which owns Instagram) in recent months. ;

And on Tuesday, the company took the next step in that direction, and announced it was adding the ability to “like” comments within posts. ;

While Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom billed it as a way to “encourage positivity” on the platform, for many, the move’s just the latest in a series of ways Instagram is more and more often resembling Facebook. Read more…

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Facebook Messenger Lite is here for slow connections and older Androids

Facebook has had a “lite” version of its main app since 2015, giving users with slower phones and poor internet connections a decent way to access the social network. Now, the company has also launched Facebook Messenger Lite for Android, a slimmed-down version of its standalone Messenger app. ;

In a blog post Monday, Facebook said the app “offers the core features of Messenger for markets with slower-than-average internet speeds ;and a prevalence of basic Android smartphones.”

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The app is less than 10MB in size, and includes core Messenger functions such as sending and receiving text messages, photos and links, as well as receiving stickers. Just like the Facebook Lite app, the Facebook Messenger Lite’s icon has the colors reversed: It’s blue on white instead of white on blue. ; Read more…

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A Hillary Clinton super PAC is using Facebook’s most advanced advertising to go after Donald Trump

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One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest spenders is going beyond television and tapping into Facebook’s most advanced ad units in its effort to explain to young voters what a Donald Trump administration could mean for them. ;

Priorities USA Action, the main super PAC supporting Democratic nominee Clinton, will begin a campaign on Thursday displaying a four-part comic book series called “Trump’s America.” The first will run for two weeks with the following parts running for a week each up until the first week of October. ;

Unlike the traditional television and video attack ads that the super PAC has been running, the group chose to invest in the other creative ad units on the world’s largest social network. ; Read more…

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Facebook really is keeping tabs on your political views

Facebook claims to know your political biases — and it’s generating ads to exploit them.

The social network rolled out a new “ad preferences” page earlier this month, allowing users to understand more about how the company markets to them based on interests like “video games,” “Airbnb” and the curiously labeled “human skin color.” As The New York Times reported Tuesday, those interests also include political leanings and how likely a user is “to engage in politics.”

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If you want to see where you fall according to Facebook, log into the social network on a computer, visit the ad preferences page, then click “Lifestyle and Culture.” Your political views should be included there, depending on how much Facebook knows about you. ; Read more…

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Facebook Adding Sports Section to Flagship App’s Menu?

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Facebook appears to be experimenting with adding the secondary categories for mobile News Feed that surfaced late last year to its flagship application’s menu bar.

Some iOS users (including this writer) are seeing a new sports section in the menu bar of their flagship Facebook apps, enabling them to customize their favorite teams from the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Football League and college football, and adding features such as scoreboards and Facebook Sports Stadium-type pages for specific games.

Users: Are you seeing a sports category in the menu bar of your Facebook apps?

Thank you to Matteo Gamba for the tip.