The internet companies working to save net neutrality

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The government didn’t completely kill net neutrality, as long as companies that offer our internet access enforce its principles. ;

Some probably won’t. Comcast, America’s most-hated company, has hinted at creating “fast lanes” where internet companies would have to pay for better access to the network. ;

But other internet service providers (ISPs) were founded, at least in part, on the principle of offering a fairer system. And after Thursday’s ruling, that promise remains. ;

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“Net Neutrality lives on,” reads an email from Sonic on Thursday. No, it’s not from the hedgehog or the drive-in. Sonic is an internet service and phone provider available in more than 125 cities in California, and it was sharing with its about 100,000 customers that it “will remain committed to the principles of net neutrality.” Read more…

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The internet companies working to save net neutrality

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