Oh joy! Soon, Facebook will reveal what Russian propaganda you ‘liked’

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Exciting news for Facebook users. In the near future, the social network will reveal what Russian propaganda users were exposed to during the 2016 presidential election. ;

A list of Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts will appear in a new online portal within Facebook’s Help Center and will be available to all users by the end of the year, Facebook announced in a blog post Wednesday. ;

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The reveal is all a part of Facebook’s attempt to make up for allowing Russian trolls to interfere with the election. Accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) created posts to manipulate voters during the 2016 election and reached more than 150 million people. For example, Russians created Facebook events for rallies around pro-Trump policies like anti-immigration. One ad depicted Hillary Clinton as the devil boxing Jesus. Read more…

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Oh joy! Soon, Facebook will reveal what Russian propaganda you ‘liked’

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