Here’s a $30 tool that uses competitor data to improve your social media game

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Social media is an integral component to any marketing strategy. Or it should be. Knowing your way around Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms isn’t just a perk anymore — it’s a must. And to be at the top of your game, you need to know what your competitors are up to.

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Enter Social Insider, a tool used by more than 4,000 companies, including Blitzmetrics, Skyscanner, and Vice. Social Insider lets you see your competitors’ posts, content performance, engagement metrics, audience growth, boosted posts, hashtags, and more — making it easier for you to see what works and what doesn’t. Read more…

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Google named as the best place to work in 2017

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It might not have seemed like such a great year for Google, but Google’s employees still like it. ;

The tech giant topped the list of the 50 best companies to work for in 2017, according to the jobs site Comparably. Employees anonymously rated their companies between January and November of this year. ;

Google was followed by Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Amazon. ;

Comparably also looked at the best companies for women and the best companies for diversity for this year. Most of the big names are still on the lists, but these lists aren’t ranked so it’s harder to tell exactly where they fall. An earlier ranking from Comparably didn’t put Google in the top 10 companies for women, and Google came in sixth in a ranking of best companies for racial diversity. ; Read more…

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‘Tetris’ brings block-dropping competition to Facebook’s Messenger

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Finally, Facebook stops advertisers from excluding racial and ethnic groups… for now

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Facebook has long allowed advertisers to target users based on race—and exclude users based on race, too. ;

On Wednesday, Facebook said they’re temporarily stopping that ability to exclude after repeated investigations uncovered how easy it is to discriminate. ;

The update comes after a ProPublica investigation published last week revealed advertisers can still target housing ads to white people only. That’s damning not only because it violates the federal Fair Housing Act but also because ProPublica already made Facebook aware of the issue back in October 2016. Facebook later promised to step up its enforcement. ; Read more…

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Facebook will now share Community Help data with rescue and relief organizations

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Facebook is making it easier for relief organizations to pinpoint exactly where people are in crisis — and discover exactly what they need. ;

The company announced at its second-annual Social Good Forum Wednesday that it will start sharing its API for the Community Help tool with disaster response organizations, giving them access to data that can help them deliver critical services to those in need. The API pulls information from public Community Help posts, providing organizations with the ID of the post, the type of help being asked for, and the location of the person requesting support.

The goal is to help rescue and relief efforts coordinate information and response resources as fast as possible, and be able to assess needs by location. ; Read more…

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Facebook launches new tool to help connect users with mentors

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Mentors often play a crucial role in helping people achieve their goals. Now, Facebook wants to help foster those relationships all in one place.

The social media giant launched a new product Wednesday called Mentorship and Support, which will connect users with mentors to get the advice and support they need. The aim is to bring together people who have shared experiences and goals but don’t already know each other.

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Facebook is partnering with nonprofit organizations that already pair mentors and mentees, but they’ll use Facebook to work through a step-by-step program tailored to the mentee’s goals. It will begin as a pilot program starting with just two nonprofits and focus areas: iMentor, for education mentorship, and the International Rescue Committee, for mentorship in crisis recovery. ; Read more…

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Activists say their protests against corruption are being erased from Facebook

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Activists often accuse Facebook of yielding to government pressure and deleting dissenting or controversial content. ;

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It happened in September in Myanmar, where activists said the platform pulled several posts about a flare of violence against the Rohingya minority group. ;

And it allegedly happened again in Romania, ahead or during a massive anti-corruption rally. ;

Campaigners say over 100 accounts of journalists, activists, and influencers have been either blocked or severely restricted after they posted about the protest, which took place against the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD). ; Read more…

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Snapchat just completely redesigned its app. Here’s why.

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Snap Inc. has bet its future on being the anti-Facebook. ;

On Wednesday, the company made its biggest move yet—a major redesign to its flagship app—to show just how different it is from the social network.

But the redesign simultaneously takes a major page from Facebook’s playbook—relying on algorithms to personalize what you see.

The redesign, rolled out slowly to users over the coming weeks, separates the app into two feeds and infuses each of them with algorithms. Snapchat is now embracing the black-box equations that it once shunned.

The move comes as Snapchat is struggling as a public company with nonexistent user growth and a disappointing ad business. Read more…

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Facebook asks for photos of some users’ faces to sign them in

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Facebook’s fight against spambots now includes a request for user photos with their faces “clearly” visible. ;

Wired confirmed with the social network that the test will go out to users who try to perform actions that spambots typically do, such as creating accounts, sending friend requests, and creating ads.

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Several isolated examples of the photo request have been spotted over the past few months by users online, but it’s likely to start going out more widely now that Facebook is comfortable confirming it. Read more…

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