Here’s how to use Facebook to find a Wi-Fi connection anywhere

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature to help us save on data and locate open Wi-Fi networks, no matter where we are. ;

It’s called Find Wi-Fi, and it shows network-needy users a tailored hotspot map of their immediate area, highlighting locations where they’ll be able to find a connection. The feature was tested for iOS in a few countries last year to positive reviews, so Facebook is releasing it to all users around the world on both iPhone and Android. ;

It’s not all wide-open public Wi-Fi — the maps are made up of businesses that have shared with Facebook from their Page — but it’ll help you pick out which coffee shop would be best for a pitstop if you’re in an unfamiliar place. ; Read more…

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Facebook is targeting jerks who spam your News Feed

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Facebook is taking new steps to fight spam.

The social network will now weed out posts from spammers who fill their friends’ feeds with “vast amounts” of links to “low quality content.” ;

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“We want to reduce the influence of these spammers and deprioritize the links they share more frequently than regular sharers,” writes Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri. ;

In this case, Facebook is setting a pretty high bar for what it considers a “spammer.” The update was designed to address the “tiny group” of users who share 50 or more public posts a day. Read more…

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Facebook could now be fined $57m over hate speech

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Facebook beware — Germany is finally getting serious on fighting hate speech, and that has wider consequences.

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For some time, the European country flagged the possibility it could impose a heavy fine on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for allowing fake news and hate messages to proliferate. ;

On Friday, German lawmakers passed the Network Enforcement Act, commonly nicknamed as the “Facebook law”, under which social media companies could face a fine of up to €50m (£43m; $57m) for failing to crack down on hate speech, criminal material and fake news. ; Read more…

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Annie Lennox shares spectacularly cringeworthy email from ‘new music coordinator’

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It’s always nice to get random appreciation for your talents. Sometimes it’s even nice to get offers based on those talents.

Sometimes it’s just a bit odd, though.

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Take Scottish singer Annie Lennox, for instance. On Thursday, she shared the following email from someone claiming to be a “New Music Coordinator” at a Los Angeles radio station.

Here’s a full transcript of that email:

Well, wow.

There’s a lot to unpack there.

Two options: 1) either there really is a Kylie or Kyle working at a radio station somewhere in LA who isn’t much of a Euythmics fan, or — more likely — 2) it’s a fishing email that’s very unlikely to work. Read more…

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Instagram users applaud new filter for blocking hurtful comments

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Facebook has been criticized for building echo chambers, and it appears they aren’t done with it. The latest example is a new filter on Instagram that allows users to block hate speech, or what Facebook’s algorithms detect to be inappropriate or offensive comments. ;

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Here we have the intriguing case study where the echo chamber — a black box of no hate — is being applauded by power users of the app. The update gives the user full control over this new echo chamber, where they can choose to let algorithms filter out potentially hateful comments. ; Read more…

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Twitter reportedly explores the idea of a fake news button

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See something on Twitter that may be false? Maybe an alternative fact? ;

The company is “exploring” a feature that would let you flag the tweet as containing “misleading, false, or harmful information,” The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing two anonymous people familiar with the matter. ;

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It remains to be seen if the feature will ever see the light of the day. ;

“We are not currently testing this nor do we have any current plans to ship it,” a Twitter spokesperson told Mashable. ;

Twitter product managers and engineers, like those at other tech companies, often brainstorm and create features that never get implemented. Take, for example, Twitter’s exploration of expanding tweets to more than 140 characters or an edit button. ; Read more…

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Instagram will now let you hide offensive comments automatically

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Haters gonna hate. But you don’t have to see it anymore, at least not on Instagram.

Facebook’s photo sharing app announced a new product Thursday that — SURPRISE — isn’t just a copycat of a Snapchat feature. Rather, it’s a pair of new filters that will automatically block “certain offensive comments” and spam in nine languages, according to a blog post. ;

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For Instagram, it’s a way to try to make the product safer and friendlier, and therefore, encourage people to spend more time with the app, whether that’s sharing, viewing, or commenting. That focus includes average users and celebrities. ; Read more…

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Here’s a way Facebook is actually fighting fake news

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Facebook is cutting down on misinformation— AKA fake news—shared on the world’s largest social network.

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A new tweak to its API (a fancy acronym for shared code) will prevent Facebook users from changing the headline, description, and image that is shared when posting a link, Facebook revealed in a post on its developers blog. ;

That means Facebook users can no longer post an article titled “Here’s a way Facebook is actually fighting fake news” and change the headline to “Here’s a way Twitter is not fighting real news” in order to try to get more clicks. Read more…

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This slide reveals Facebook’s cringeworthy hate speech policies

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How does Facebook decide what is and is not hate speech? ;

According to a new report from ProPublica, with slides that feature the Backstreet Boys.

The image below comes from the organization’s story that features a deep dive into Facebook’s moderation efforts, complete with never-before-seen documents that detail how moderators are trained. ;

One of the most cringeworthy parts shows a slide asking, “Which of the below subsets do we protect?” It reads female drivers, black children, and white men. The section for white men shows a picture of the Backstreet Boys. ;

The answer? The Backstreet Boys White men. Read more…

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