People think Maya Angelou just died thanks to Facebook

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Read the headline, share the article. This is how old news gets circulated as new.

While it’s not necessarily #FakeNews, old articles recirculating on social media is a longtime problem that has yet to see a solid fix. The internet’s latest victim: author and poet Maya Angelou, who sadly passed on May 28, 2014. ;

An NPR article announcing the news of her death from 2014 resurfaced on Facebook this week. Given the three-year anniversary of her death was on Friday, it’s not surprising that people would share articles involving Angelou. But sometime in the past few days the NPR piece announcing her death was shared as new, and people who missed it the first time it came around just rolled with it. Read more…

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University tells female students to wear ‘low-cut’ tops to graduation — wait, what?

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Graduation season has arrived and as students prepare to receive their diplomas after years of hard work, one university is apologizing for its absurd dress code guidelines.

Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium is apologizing to students after an email suggesting that women wear low-cut tops to their graduation was sent out ahead of the June 26 ceremony.

Yeah you read that, correctly: low-cut tops.

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The private research university received a great deal of backlash after a screengrab of the email sent to students was posted on the ULB Confessions Facebook page last week, with the caption, “Little Scandal.” Read more…

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Hillary Clinton just called out the ‘conspiracy, lies, false information’ of Twitter and Facebook

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Hillary Clinton is not happy with Twitter. Or Facebook.

Responding to a question from Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal at the Code Conference regarding whether Twitter has been “bad or good for our national discourse,” the former presidential candidate expounded upon the ways that Twitter has negatively impacted our politics.

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“I think it has certainly provided, as you say, positive information, quick turnaround information to a very large audience,” observed Clinton. “But I think it has become victimized by deliberate efforts to shape the conversation and push it toward conspiracies, lies, false information.” Read more…

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Hillary Clinton says Facebook must ‘prevent fake news from creating a new reality’

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Hillary Clinton is not happy about fake news on Facebook.

Speaking at Recode‘s Code conference Wednesday, the former secretary of state had some strong words about the role fake news on Facebook played in the election, saying the social network must do more to combat it. ;

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“They’ve got to get back to trying to curate it more effectively, they’ve got to help prevent fake news from creating a new reality,” she said.

“If you look at Facebook, the vast majority of the ‘news items’ posted were fake,” she said. “They were connected to, as we now know, the 1,000 Russian agents who were involved in delivering those messages, they were connected to the bots that are just out of control.” Read more…

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Elon Musk to Donald Trump: If you leave the Paris Climate Agreement, I’m out

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Elon Musk takes on some of the biggest challenges in the world.

But President Donald Trump might be too much for him. ;

Don’t know which way Paris will go, but I’ve done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 31, 2017

Musk’s tweet on Wednesday added a tone of rueful resignation to the news that Trump is planning to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Musk also said that if the U.S. does pull out, he will step down from the White House business advisory council, where he had an opportunity to bend Trump’s ear on issues like climate change. Read more…

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Not even Elon Musk could sway Trump on the Paris Agreement

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Elon Musk has President Donald Trump’s ear as a member of the White House’s business advisory council, and he has not been afraid to use it to lobby him on key issues. One of those is global climate change. ;

And yet even Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX who has been pushing the world toward a future of renewable energy, was not able to sway the Trump administration to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement. This is based on multiple news reports on Wednesday stating the administration is about to withdraw from the landmark agreement. ;

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Facebook is valiantly trying but failing to moderate hate speech in some languages

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Efforts by Facebook to moderate content in one of its fastest-growing countries has evidently not been easy.

Like what it’s doing in many other markets, the social media giant is trying to stem content deemed hateful in Myanmar. ;

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The emerging market experienced a surge of new internet users in recent years, and Facebook benefited with 10 million Burmese users by 2016.

With these new users come challenges. One hot button topic, the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis, has resulted in posts made insulting the minority Muslim Rohingyas. Read more…

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This new animation technique might actually make selfies interesting

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Let’s face it: Selfie filters have gotten boring. ;

No one cares anymore that thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can vomit rainbows or stick a dog’s nose on your face. It’s just, well, played out. ;Whether that’s in spite of or because of Facebook’s recent push into the filter game is anyone’s guess, but all the Zuckerberg money in the world can’t make something cool. ;

But hey, all you filter lovers out there, there’s hope yet. Say hello to the definitely sexy sounding technique known as “example-based synthesis of stylized facial animations” that is to be presented at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference scheduled for later this summer in Los Angeles. ; Read more…

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Can machine learning and AI help Facebook better moderate troubling content?

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Facebook can’t catch a break these days.

The Guardian published a comprehensive tell-all, dubbed the “Facebook Files,” revealing the social network’s guidelines for monitoring violence, hate speech, and revenge porn. Let’s just say it’s raised a lot of questions.

This week’s MashTalk is hosted by Tech Editor Pete Pachal, with commentary from Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff, Senior Tech Correspondent Raymond Wong, and Tech Correspondent Jack Morse.

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So, the Facebook Files. Yeah, we know, Facebook’s guidelines provided to its moderators for determining what is and isn’t considered acceptable content is worrisome. ; Read more…

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