Here’s the deal with those colorful status updates on Facebook

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If your Facebook News Feed is looking a bit more colorful recently, there’s good reason: The company is thirsty for your precious personal content.

Facebook has been rolling out a new way to post status updates since the end of last year. Write something in the “What’s on your mind?” box and you’ll be prompted to select a background color for the text, which gives the post a much more prominent slice of real estate in the News Feed.

The feature was originally exclusive to Android, but it’s hitting iOS and desktop now. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Mashable that most users around the world should have the feature as of Thursday. Read more…

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These painted Pokémon cards are so damn beautiful you’ll be desperate to catch ’em all

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You know what’s better than catching ’em all? ;

Painting ’em all.

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Lunumbra, an artist based in Kentucky, has been steadily building a large Facebook following with her eye-catching series of painted Pokémon cards.

Look, here’s a before and after of Lapras:

Getting a bunch of messages about if I sell these so heres a post with a bit of info: I do sell these through commission but they are closed at the moment. You can check out my facebook or my website for more info (just search “awesome painted cards”) thanks for all the interest 🙂

A post shared by Lunny (@lunumbra) on Mar 10, 2017 at 4:51pm PST Read more…

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Oculus cofounder Palmer Luckey out at Facebook

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Oculus cofounder Palmer Luckey is leaving Facebook.

The company confirmed his departure in a statement, saying the 24-year-old Oculus creator “will be dearly missed.” ;

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“Palmer will be dearly missed. Palmer’s legacy extends far beyond Oculus. His inventive spirit helped kickstart the modern VR revolution and helped build an industry. We’re thankful for everything he did for Oculus and VR, and we wish him all the best.”

Luckey previously came under fire for his controversial political opinions after the Daily Beast reported he had helped fund a pro-Donald Trump group called Nimble America. Luckey denied his involvement and Facebook and Oculus had defended him. Still, the controversy caused a backlash resulting in several developers pledging to stop creating games for Oculus. Read more…

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Facebook’s fundraisers now help you raise money for yourself and friends

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If you’re hoping to raise money for a good cause, but it isn’t tied to a specific organization, Facebook just changed the game.

The social media giant has expanded its fundraisers tool, now letting users create personal fundraiser pages to raise money for themselves, friends, and people or things not on Facebook. Previously, users could only raise money for a registered nonprofit on the platform.

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But to stick to social good, the new personal fundraisers can only span six categories: education (like tuition and books), medical (like procedures and treatments), pet medical, crisis relief (like natural disasters), personal emergency (like house fires or theft), and funeral and loss. As the product rolls out, however, Facebook hopes to include more categories and evolve them over time. Read more…

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A big challenger is about to change the way you use Facebook to log in on websites

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There are two ways to log in on websites: try to recall the email address and password you registered with — ;or simply hit the “Facebook Login” button. ;

The convenience of the latter underscores the popularity of social authentication options. You’ll see Facebook and Google login buttons on popular sites including Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Imgur and Linkedin, just to name some.

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Facebook itself estimates that some 350 million people log into a new app or site with their Facebook credentials every month. ;

Olga Kuznetsova, Engineering Manager at Facebook told us that the Facebook Login button ranks in the top three of consumer account creation and sign-in preferences worldwide. Read more…

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Attacking a referee’s small business on Facebook isn’t cool, sports fans

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The internet and college sports: Two things not exactly known for inspiring measured, reasonable debate.

We’ve just seen what happens when they mix in a strange and toxic new way. ;

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As background: People in Kentucky take college basketball very seriously. (Remember 2012? Remember #LexingtonPoliceScanner?) Thus, fans of the Kentucky Wildcats were not happy when their team lost to North Carolina just short of the Final Four last weekend. They directed much of their ire toward referee John Higgins. ; Read more…

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Dallas bookstore is selling the world on classic novels with clickbait headlines

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Not everyone will pick up a book, but everyone will click on an internet headline they find interesting.

“British guy dies after selfie gone ;wrong”? Of course we would click. We need to make sure to not repeat that poor guy’s mistake.

“German doctor becomes first to perform full body transplant”? What does full body transplant even mean? Click.

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All of these headlines were written by The Wild Detectives, but they are not a fresh digital news source you should be bookmarking. They are, actually, a bookstore.

Last fall, the bookstore started an ingenious internet campaign to interest as many people as possible in classic literary novels by using “litbait.” They crafted intriguing clickbait headlines that, when clicked, would bring you to the entire text of the novel. Read more…

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Facebook is putting its latest Snapchat clone front and center

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After years of creating Snapchat clones in standalone apps, Facebook is now taking a new approach — and it’s one that might actually work.

Following months of testing, the social network is now putting a full-on Snapchat clone front and center inside the main Facebook app. The update not only pushes you to use Facebook’s new camera feature but puts friends’ stories — yes, it’s called Facebook Stories — at the top of your News Feed.

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The update, which is rolling out now, consists of three features: Facebook Camera, the Snapchat-like camera the company has been testing in Ireland and Brazil, Facebook Stories, and Direct, a dedicated space for messages exchanged via the new in-app camera. ; Read more…

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‘Town Hall’ is here, but don’t expect to start DMing with Trump

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Thanks to a pretty cool new feature on Facebook, you can now send direct messages to your elected representatives. Just go to your “Settings” tab and enter your address to see a list of your reps and policymakers at the highest levels—including the vice president and president. And start chatting away.

But even though we’re sure you’ve got plenty of things to message Donald Trump about, you’re going to have to wait on that.

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Many politicians have jumped on board with the new feature, but shooting off a DM to Trump himself is not an option. That was discovered and pointed out by ProPublica on Monday, the same day the new feature launched. Read more…

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