How to make Australian trolls angry: Tell them their country isn’t real

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Find it difficult to tell when something on the internet is a joke? Maybe don’t fly into an abusive rage.

17-year-old Shelley Floryd from Stockholm has been penning Facebook posts claiming “Australia is not real” and man, have they gone viral.

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“It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace,” she wrote in her original post on Tuesday. “All things you call ‘proof’ are actually well fabricated lies and documents made by the leading governments of the world.

“Your Australian friends? They’re all actors and computer generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.” It’s so obviously a joke, but it was definitely detailed enough to make a bunch of particularly patriotic Australians think that someone actually believes this. ; Read more…

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Fans are obsessing over this image of Hailey Baldwin sitting on the toilet

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Oh, you’d prefer an open, gaping toilet bowl? Thought not. ;

Fans of Hailey Baldwin are obsessing over the model (for a weirder-than-usual reason) right now, and it involves her method of sitting on the toilet. ;

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The 20-year-old is the newest covergirl for Issue #4 of Inprint Magazine, an Australian publication whose covers are usually graced by high fashion royalty like Julia Nobis, Gemma Ward, Charles Fraser and Fernanda Ly. But with an Instagram following of 9.6 million, Baldwin is in a league of her own when it comes to observant fans with zero chill. ; Read more…

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Facebook is still trying to get people to use it for shopping

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Facebook still wants to turn your News Feed into an online shopping tool.

Its latest effort to turn into an ecommerce giant is a new ad format that lets brands pair their commercials with collections of images and product listings in the same post.

When clicked, the images lead to a catalog of a given retailers’ items hosted within Facebook. But users will be directed off the platform if they actually want to buy something.

Facebook has been trying to get people to shop through its site for years with features like buy buttons, in-platform stores and chatbots. It’s even launched its own Craigslist competitor. Read more…

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Instagram will soon censor sensitive content in your feed

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Instagram just announced a major change to how it deals with posts that contain sensitive content. ;

The app will soon begin to blur out photos and videos that have been deemed “sensitive.” Users will still be able to view the images but will need to take the additional step of tapping on the post in order to see them.

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It’s not clear what types of “sensitive” content will earn your post the new treatment. It doesn’t sound like the company is changing any of its policies but rather hoping to use the new “sensitive” filter as a kind of compromise when some users find something offensive even if it doesn’t violate Instagram’s guidelines. Read more…

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Millennials can’t shut up about sex, blame the internet

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I’m a millennial and I can’t stop oversharing about my sex life. And, while I hate to point the finger, I blame social media

I first realised I was a sexual oversharer during a pretty uncomfortable moment with a new housemate — someone I barely knew, but was trying to get to know. As I sipped my first coffee of the day, I leant across and told my new housemate something I’d told other friends just days previous. I described, in graphic detail, a sexual escapade. “Rachel,” my new housemate said without a hint of a smile. “That is too much information for me. Seriously.” ;

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Facebook Messenger is basically Slack now

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Facebook Messenger just got two new features that might look a little familiar. And no, it’s not because Snapchat had them first. ;

Instead, the company is taking two features straight out of Slack’s playbook with the addition emoji-laden reactions and mentions.

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Reactions, which were first spotted in a “small test” earlier in the month, allow you to respond to individual messages within a thread with seven different emoji. Messenger’s reactions differ slightly from those seen elsewhere on Facebook. ;

Included in that group is a “thumbs down” emoji, which is probably the closest we’ll ever get to an actual “dislike” button on Facebook. (The social network says the thumbs down represents a “no” reaction.) Read more…

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A whole state in India is giving all college students free internet access

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Indian state governments are joining technology giants and central government in pushing internet connectivity to more people. ;

The latest instance of this comes from the eastern Indian state of Bihar, where the government has announced free Wi-Fi access to college and university students. ;

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The chief minister of the state, Nitish Kumar urged the students to make good use of the free internet. “The objective is to provide free Wi-Fi facility to help youths to move ahead in life and to become digital smart,” he told Hindustan Times. Read more…

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Facebook struggles to prevent violence on Facebook Live

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Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that live video is the future of Facebook, but what if that future is terrifying and full of violence?

What happens when one of the largest proponents of live video struggles to manage its darker side?

Reports that the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl was broadcast on Facebook Live and watched by upwards of 40 people earlier this week have rightfully shocked many, and brought to mind a similarly disturbing incident from earlier in the year. ;

Individuals posting about acts of violence on the social media platform is nothing new, but since the launch of Facebook Live, the company has faced a particularly difficult challenge: How to best respond to violence on the site when it’s happening in real time. ; Read more…

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Kiss your sane news feed goodbye, everyone can now use their computers for Facebook Live

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Give your Facebook news feed one last long, indulgent scroll. It’s going to be a much busier, more ridiculous place very soon. ;

Facebook is rolling out the capability for all members to broadcast live directly from their personal computers via web browser, expanding the service that was previously only available on mobile devices. ;

Computer-based live access was granted to publishers back in January after page managers requested the feature, which helped streamline the production process for professional crews using the service. Facebook reps told us then that the capability would soon be given to the general user population, too. ; Read more…

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