Facebook keeps its Snapchat copycat streak going with new Messenger feature

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Streaks aren’t just for Snapchat, anymore.

Facebook is now testing a version of a similar feature in Messenger, the company confirmed with Mashable. It’s not clear how long the social network has been experimenting with the feature, but a handful of users reported seeing it pop up in their app on Wednesday.

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The feature that’s being tested, which prompts users to “keep your streak going” when you message friends, looks very similar to Snapchat’s version, right down to liberal use of emoji and a counter letting you know how long the streak has been going. Read more…

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This browser extension turns your angry Facebook emoji into real social action

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From climate change to the worsening refugee crisis to rollbacks of LGBTQ rights, you’ve probably reacted to a lot of deeply troubling news in your Facebook news feed this year.

But what if you could easily take your digital anger and sadness and turn it into real-world action?

A new tool called the Emoji Reaction Project helps you do just that. The clever Chrome extension transforms your negative Facebook emoji reactions into tangible ways to support good causes and fight injustice.

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Every time you react with an angry or sad emoji on a post about a particular social or environmental issue, the browser extension prompts you with three options: “Donate,” “Do,” and “Dial.” Read more…

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Oh joy! Soon, Facebook will reveal what Russian propaganda you ‘liked’

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Exciting news for Facebook users. In the near future, the social network will reveal what Russian propaganda users were exposed to during the 2016 presidential election. ;

A list of Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts will appear in a new online portal within Facebook’s Help Center and will be available to all users by the end of the year, Facebook announced in a blog post Wednesday. ;

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The reveal is all a part of Facebook’s attempt to make up for allowing Russian trolls to interfere with the election. Accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) created posts to manipulate voters during the 2016 election and reached more than 150 million people. For example, Russians created Facebook events for rallies around pro-Trump policies like anti-immigration. One ad depicted Hillary Clinton as the devil boxing Jesus. Read more…

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Facebook still hasn’t fixed its discriminatory ad problems, despite many promises

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Facebook’s been promising to fix discrimination problems with its ads platform ever since a Pro Publica report last fall found that its targeting tools had the potential to violate civil rights laws.

A year later, those efforts don’t seem to have amounted to much. ;

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A follow-up investigation from the Pro Publica on Tuesday found that Facebook still approved housing ads that excluded users based on their religion, gender, or “multicultural affinity” (Facebook’s thinly veiled stand-in for race which was previously called “ethnic affinity”). Each of those demographics are considered protected groups under the Fair Housing Act. Read more…

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Facebook Messenger just made sharing photos way better

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Facebook just made Messenger a much better place to share photos.

The messaging app will now support photo-sharing at 4k resolutions, meaning high resolution photos sent within the app will look much sharper than before.

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With the change, photos up to 4096 x 4096 pixels will appear in full fidelity or, according to Facebook, “the highest quality many smartphones support.” Previously, Messenger compressed very high resolution photos, causing the image quality to degrade.

The change is rolling out to Messenger now, though you may have to look closely at your smartphone screen to notice it. Here’s an example, provided by Messenger, of the difference 4k resolution makes. Read more…

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Facebook briefly hid its ‘delete’ option on posts, and users panicked

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Facebook users who maybe posted some, um, interesting things in their formative years have always been able to take comfort in their ability to delete those posts when it comes time for a job interview or two. ;

But Facebook recently sent users into a panic after it changed its “delete” option on posts for some desktop users.

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The change was reported by VentureBeat, who noticed confusion among some people using Facebook on their desktops.

Yo @facebook Why can’t we delete posts anymore? Those of us on our computers want to know?

— (((Sarah Fader))) (@TheSarahFader) November 17, 2017 Read more…

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Why does Facebook suddenly have a page for the ‘Top 10 goat posts’?

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Facebook is working to figure out how to show its users more stuff, especially stuff related to their interests from places that they might not follow. ;

This is how I stumbled upon the best Facebook page ever: https://www.facebook.com/look/goat

OK, that’s not technically trueMoshe Isaacian, a friend of one of our reporters, showed it to us, but it is now my favorite page. I love goats, and I love that Facebook might finally be figuring out a way to show me stuff I like as opposed to, you know, Russian propaganda.

The goat page appears to be part of a larger test of a new type of tag on Facebook. (The page was titled “Top 10 goat posts on Facebook.” Indeed.) On the page, there’s other tags you can click on that take you to other such pages. I was too scared to click on goat meat, as I love goats too much for that. Read more…

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Rejoice because Facebook is finally getting rid of third-party app invites

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Facebook may still have the huge problem involving the scourge of fake news to deal with, but its gone and done something that will decrease your Facebook rage — just a smidge — by removing third-party app invites.

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That’s right, no longer will you roll your eyes and curse technology every time your aunt invites you to play Candy Cane Crush or Farmville 4: The Farmening or whatever terrible game is on Facebook or connected to Facebook. ;

The move was announced in a post to Facebook’s Developers blog on Thursday afternoon. The app invites won’t be supported with the newest Facebook software development kit and, while older versions will still support it, those invites will end February 2018. Read more…

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