Soccer game photo is proof co-parenting can work out just fine

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Sometimes it just takes just an insanely cute picture to send an important message. ;

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Emilee Player, who is stepmum to 4-year-old Maelyn, posted a photo on Facebook of her stepdaughter at a soccer game surrounded by her blended family. ;

Besides Player, there is Ricky Player, Maelyn’s dad, Clara Cazeau, her mum and Alex Cazeau, Maelyn’s stepdad. ;

And they’re all wearing T-shirts saying what they are: ;

“Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can’t work! I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what’s best for your child and everything will just fall into place,” she said. ; Read more…

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This week in apps: Microsoft To-Do, Facebook Spaces, Snapchat world lenses and more

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It’s been a busy week: Samsung and Google partnered on special version of Google Play Music and White House staffers’ favorite secure messaging app might not be that secure. Oh, and Facebook wants you to talk and listen your skin.

Luckily, we’ve kept up for you. Each week, we round up the latest app news, along with a few of our favorite new and updated products, to keep you in the loop with everything coming to your smartphone.

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Here’s what caught our eye this week. If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out the last installment. Read more…

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Facebook: All reality is virtual, and we’re coming for it

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Facebook clearly has big, long-term ambitions, and this week ;we learned just how big. At its annual F8 developer conference, the company let us take a peek into its future technologies, some of them pretty far out — in every sense.

On this week’s MashTalk, the team discusses Facebook’s big announcements and what they mean for its users, not to mention the world at large. We’re joined by Apps Reporter Karissa Bell, who attended F8 to watch the events live, speak with Facebook employees, and tried out some of the new experiences like the new social VR app for Oculus Rift, Facebook Spaces.

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Get ready for augmented reality *everything*

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The hottest thing in Silicon Valley is coming soon to … well, pretty much everything.

Augmented reality is shaping up to be the next big digital gold rush, and consumers should ready themselves for the onslaught. Apple’s doing it. So are Google and Snapchat. Oh, and as we saw recently, Facebook is as well. ;

AR has thoroughly trounced virtual reality in the battle for developers’ hearts and minds, and with the amount of money behind the technology, it’s only a matter of time before even the Luddites of the world are forced to grapple with it in some form or another.

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What it’s actually like to hang out in Facebook Spaces

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Virtual reality seems cool, but what can you actually do when you’re in it? ;

Quite a lot, it turns out. ;

On April 18, Facebook released a social VR experience called Facebook Spaces. Paired with an Oculus Rift, Spaces allows users to hang out with friends in a 360-degree virtual reality world and share 3D videos and experiences. ;

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Unfortunately for anyone wanting to play around in this digital paradise, however, there’s a pretty hefty entrance fee. A Rift and corresponding touch controllers will set you back around $600, and that doesn’t even include the powerful, expensive computer required to run the thing. ; Read more…

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Haunting is the new ghosting is the new…you know what? We gotta stop this.

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Do you have lost loves lurking on your Instagram feed? Do you feel a spooky shiver whenever you use Snapchat? You’re probably being haunted.

Yes, haunted. Basically it’s when someone you’ve ended things with decides to reassert themselves into your fragile mind by watching your Instagram or Snapchat stories or liking your social media posts. ;

As with actual ghosts, they usually appear out of nowhere — often they don’t even follow you officially. And seeing that notification pop up on your phone gives you a fright — or, worse, brings up all the bad feelings you’ve tried to leave behind.

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More than 150 tech companies urged a court to shut down Trump’s latest travel ban

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Silicon Valley is once again striking out at Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

More than 160 tech companies asked a federal court on Wednesday to kill the president’s latest restrictions on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries, Recode first reported.

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Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snap, and Uber are among the many tech giants backing the legal brief filed to Virginia’s Fourth-Circuit Court of Appeals. ;

The document (which can be viewed in its entirety on Recode) claims the revised executive order would inflict “substantial harm on U.S. companies, their employees, and the entire economy.” ; Read more…

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